Commercial Kitchens

There is nothing more important as an investor than to plan your investment and plan it smart. The kitchen is the beating heart of your business. Smart planning will improve your overall business performance. We’ll help you plan your budget. Whether you are new in the business or experienced, you still need appropriate planning for your commercial kitchen. With more than 15 years of experience in the Edmonton, AB market, we know how to meet all the codes that are necessary when you build a commercial kitchen. Operating almost as general contractors, the only difference is that we SAVE you money because of the fact that we build your package with all the different suppliers that T.P. Consulting Reps. In turn, we help you save up to 20% on your investment. Ongoing communication between the suppliers to build your new business under all the commercial codes is key. We believe in the best quality possible, with outstanding customer service. We offer a free one on one consultation to help develop your floor plan layout and kitchen design. Whether you are looking for new and/or used equipment, we will meet your budget. Give us the opportunity to design your next commercial kitchen and save you money. You’ll be glad you did!