Fire Protection

We offer Fire Protection Systems as a part of our services, proudly serving the commercial kitchen and restaurant industry in Edmonton, AB. We ensure that we adhere to all fire codes, thus guaranteeing that our customers are able to operate their business safely.

Safe and convenient is our motto. We offer fire protection systems, fire suppression systems, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and fire alarm systems. We build within your budget. We can upgrade existing suppression systems or build brand new. We provide reports for deficiencies, inspections and certifications for meeting the fire codes and approval to operate – authorized by the Province of Alberta.

We are an authorized distributor of:

Pyrene brand fire extinguishers and special hazards suppression systems
Microm fire alarm products
Vigilant fire alarm products
Ansul R102 – kitchen fire suppression system
Range Guard – kitchen fire suppression system

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